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Noro Natsumeki

60% Cotton25% Silk15% Polyamide
Country of origin: Japan
Suggested  US 5 to 7
Knits to 21-24 stitches over 4in
Noro's Light Weight Natsumeki yarn is a captivating blend of fibers that embodies the essence of summer. Named after the Japanese word for "summer is in the air," Natsumeki yarn combines the breathability of cotton, the luxurious sheen of silk, and the durability of polyamide to create a truly enchanting knitting experience. Each generous 150-gram skein of Natsumeki yarn contains 525 yards of creative potential, ready to be transformed into breezy tops, lightweight scarves, and elegant accessories. Whether you're knitting lace patterns or textured stitches, Natsumeki yarn's vibrant colors and subtle variations ensure each project is a celebration of summer style. Indulge in the beauty of Noro's Natsumeki yarn and let your creativity shine. Embrace the warmth of the season and the joy of crafting with this exquisite blend, where every stitch captures the essence of summer's beauty.